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GUEST COMMENTARY: Blending online, traditional yield learning success

Date: 5/23/2016 through 5/23/2016

In an effort to prepare our students for both the ever-changing workplace and the current educational environment, Boone Grove High School offers the opportunity to take certain courses in a blended experience.

In a blended experience, students operate in both online and traditional formats. As we strive to provide choices for both students and parents, this particular pattern allows for the freedom to determine the students' preferred learning environments.

When a student signs up for a blended course, he or she will be in school for two to three days during the week and gain the experience normally associated with that level of participation. For the other two to three days of the week, students will have the independence of completing course work online through our learning management system.

Our blended courses tentatively will be scheduled for the beginning and end of the day, so students would be able to experience more authentic autonomy associated with higher education and the current workplace.

While a great deal of autonomy is provided through this experience, there also is the structure and support provided by the high school atmosphere.

The teachers and students of Boone Grove High School are familiar with this online experience. For the past several years, we have been able to reap the benefits of scheduled e-learning days, which again provide our students with a valuable opportunity to gain an understanding of what is required in an online setting.

Furthermore, we have been able to offer our students online inclement weather opportunities, which allow students to progress through learning with limited disruption to linear lessons.

As the current employment opportunities begin to allow for more work from home or more independent work, the ability to realize a real-world understanding while still receiving adequate support is essential. Through this experience, students analyze material through online classroom discussions, collaborate on projects via our LMS and their school Google accounts and create original work by using a combination of tablets, phones and computers.

Overall, this opportunity is just one facet of how we prepare students for operating in a global workplace and succeeding in a changing collegiate format.

With a forward-thinking and consistent vision supported at all levels of Boone Grove High School, our students will succeed as they move forward academically, socially and digitally.

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