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2018 State of the Workforce Report 

The 2018 State of the Workforce for Northwest Indiana was released at the Northwest Indiana State of the Workforce Breakfast on Wednesday, April 10, 2019. 

Read the 2018 State of the Workforce Report

View the State of the Workforce PowerPoint Presentation

View the State of the Workforce Real Talk Discussion Notes

Graduation Pathways Resources

The purpose of Graduation Pathways is to ensure that every Hoosier student graduates from high school with:

  •  A broad awareness of and engagement with individual career interests and associated career options;
  •  A strong foundation of academic and technical skills; and
  •  Demonstrable employability skills that lead directly to meaningful opportunities for post-secondary education, training, and gainful employment. 

Indiana State Board of Education's Graduation Pathways Policy Guidance
READY NWI Graduation Pathways Tracker

Northwest Indiana Occupations Outlook

2019 Second Quarter Postings

Occupations Outlook-High Skill, In-Demand Jobs

Occupations Outlook-Middle Skill, In-Demand Jobs

Career Exploration Tools

Start by visiting Indiana Career Explorer

Compare the estimated net price of attendance at Indiana colleges through Indiana College Costs

Learn about career interest inventories, education requirements for different careers and more at Learn More Indiana.

Check out Hoosier Hot 50 Jobs for the most recent in-demand careers and wages in the state!

O*NET® Career Exploration Tools
Self-directed career exploration/assessment tools to help you consider and plan career options, preparation, and transitions more effectively. The tools are also designed for use by students who are exploring the school-to-work transition.

Go to My skills. My future looks at the jobs you have held in the past to determine some similar positions for you in the future. It also allows you to learn more about those recommended careers.

Skills Profiler 
Use the Skills Profiler to create a list of your skills and match them to jobs that use those skills

 Work-and-Learn Program

The paper provides a working definition of High Quality Work-and-Learn Programs, including insight on how to establish a Work-and-Learn Program as an educator or as an employer.

Work-and-Learn Program

2016 Building a Grad Nation Reports

GradNation's current reports on the progress and challenge in raising high school graduation rates.

Read the 2016 Building a Grad Nation Data Brief

Northwest Indiana Annual Indicators Snapshot 2015

Northwest Indiana’s economic future is tied directly to our ability to accelerate educational attainment levels and create a new culture of education in the region. Our partners in education, economic development, workforce development, and government are embarking on a 10-year mission of collaboration to achieve our “60% by 2025” goal which requires us to move from the current 37% of adults with higher education credentials to the 60% level projected to be needed by our employers.

Read the Northwest Indiana Annual Indicators Snapshot 2015

College and Career Readiness Plan

READY has been committed to ensure that Northwest Indiana youth graduate academically and socially prepared to go directly to further education either full-time or in combination with a job, without the need for remediation to meet the entry standards of our employers. READY has been meeting and building partnerships to discuss how to accomplish the goal of having a talent pool of work and college ready students. They have been working with some of the area's largest employers to understand both what skills are valued and what the employers want of the talent pool. Read our plan below!

Read the Ready Plan

Northwest Indiana Charter

In accordance with the Lumina Foundation, this charter outlines four specific goals, how to attain them, and how to measure success, including: to increase high school student readiness for post-secondary entry & career success, increase college degree production levels, increase post-secondary credentials for existing workforce & students via employer engagement, increase community engagement and accountability for results.

Read the Lumina Charter Submission

State of The Workforce and Economic Indicators Report 2016 NWI

The Northwest Indiana Workforce Board (NWIWB), the Center of Workforce Innovations (CWI), and our partners will collaborate to build on the region’s strengths while working to address the workforce issues that are identified in this report. The data will guide our investments in the years to come, with an emphasis on building the knowledge, skills, and abilities of the most vulnerable workers. Our future depends on it. We hope you join us in this effort.

Read the 2016 State Of The Workforce Report

Blueprint For Success Report

An initiative of the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL), the Multiple Education Pathways (MEP) Blueprint, is a community plan designed to prevent students from dropping out and recover students who have already dropped out. The initiative, pursued locally by the Northwest Indiana Workforce Board, chose seven mid-sized cities, including Gary, Indiana, and offered them the opportunity to assess the scope of the dropout challenge, the service and resource landscape and the strength of current high school reform efforts.

Read the Blueprint For Success

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READY NWI's Commitment to Our Community

The READY NWI partnership supports the unique aspects of community, school, and student, and embraces a commitment to regional thinking and acting in order to ensure prosperity by meeting the skill and education needs of employers throughout Northwest Indiana.

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